5 Simple Tools Every Hat Lover Needs

5 Simple Tools Every Hat Lover Needs

A short list of tools every hat owner should have to make sure their hats stay looking and smelling great.
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We know that caring for your hats can be overwhelming. That’s why we put together this list of 5 simple tools you can use to make the job easier.

1. Soft Bristle Brush

Soft bristle brushes are great for light or heavy duty cleaning. They can be used to remove lint, loose dirt and even some stains. Regular brushing is an important part of maintenance and will make heavy duty cleaning a lot easier.


2. Handheld Steamer

Steamers are handy tools that can be used to remove creases and wrinkles. You should definitely use a steamer if you want to shape your brim or reshape the buckram. Steaming it first makes it more flexible so that you can get that perfect shape.


3. Bump Cap Insert


You're probably asking what in the heck is a bump cap insert. Designed for lightweight head protection, these inserts are perfect for shaping the buckram of baseball caps. We also like to use them to provide some structure when we clean our caps. Bump cap inserts are also great for making sure caps keep their shape during storage.


4. Hat Stretcher

hat stretcher

All hats are not made equal. For that matter, they are not all sized equally either. It’s not uncommon for hat sizes to be inconsistent even from the same manufacturer. Hats can also shrink over time due to sweat, humidity or weather. Hat stretchers are an vital tool to ensure a perfect fit.

5. Fresh Halo Cedar Deodorizing Strips for Hats

You already know! Fresh Halo Cedar Deodorizing Strips for Hats are the best, all natural way to keep your caps smelling fresh and clean. Made from real cedar wood and bathed in essential oils, these strips fit comfortably inside your sweatband to provide long-lasting moisture and odor absorption.

If you truly love hats, these tools are essential to your hat maintenance routine. You can have the confidence that if you purchase these, the job of keeping your hats looking and smelling good will be a lot easier.